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technician steam cleaning carpet
When it is time to clean the carpet, get a professionally trained steam cleaning technician that uses truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. Treating spots and traffic areas are part of our most basic carpet cleaning process. Our truck mounted, hot water extraction method heats the water for deep penetration and offers super vacuum power, which allows the carpet to dry fast and clean. Our deep cleaning system removes most carpet stains, soils and spots without leaving soapy residues behind.
Once the carpet has been professionally cleaned, a protective coating can be applied to help spots from becoming permanent stains and it allows for easy cleaning. Pet odor removal can be done with a simple pet sanitizer or more aggressive deodorizers are available if needed. We also offer upholstery steam cleaning for sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, sofa sectionals, dining room chairs and other furniture items.
Customer preparations should include vacuuming the carpet prior to carpet cleaning and removing small items from the floor like clothes, toys, personal items and small furniture. We usually work around larger items such as beds, dressers and desks. We will normally move a chair, sofa or loveseat, steam clean behind them and move them back. We understand sometimes the customer can't move a lot of items. We will move almost anything if necessary, but we like advance notice when a significant amount of furniture is to be moved.
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When preparing for the carpet cleaning technician to arrive, there are a few things to consider. It is highly recommended to thoroughly vacuum the carpeted areas to be steam cleaned prior to the scheduled time. Removing toys, clothes and other small items before the carpet cleaning appointment are greatly appreciated. Small furniture that needs to be moved for cleaning the carpet might be covered in personal items or lamps. If these items were removed as well, it would also help.
We usually move the couch and chair, clean the carpet behind where they sit and move them back. Plastic is placed under wood and metal legs. Large items that sit flat on the floor will need to be put on blocks if the customer requires them to be moved. We usually work around the bigger furniture items and steam clean the traffic areas, but we can move just about anything. We want to do the job the way the customer wants it done.
We use truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment which requires water. We usually hook up to the outside water hydrant, but we can hook up to almost any sink as a last resort. We don't necessarily need electricity, but good lighting is helpful and air conditioning is required in the afternoons during the hotter summer months.
There is a huge difference between a truck mounted carpet cleaning system and a portable unit. A portable unit has advantages when attempting to clean a small area, but anything much larger than a spot and the advantages quickly diminish. On average, the truck-mounted unit is 10 to 15 times stronger than a portable. That is a commercial portable carpet cleaning machine, not the one people rent at the grocery store.
A truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine is about a hundred times more powerful than carpet cleaning machines people rent at the local store. A truck-mounted hot water extraction system heats the water for a deep carpet cleaning. The hot water helps break down dirt and grime. It dissolves spots, spills and makes the deep-steam cleaning extraction process much more efficient. Horsepower is what it takes to dry the carpet during a professional carpet cleaning, not something that gets plugged into a wall.
Using more efficient equipment is important when trying to perform a quality job. The less energy required on the part of the carpet cleaning technician, the more energy is left for going back and double checking and hitting spots another time or two if necessary. A tired technician can easily forget to go back and double check and people make mistakes when they are tired. After a professional carpet cleaning, it is a good time to apply Scotchgard, DuPont Teflon or another quality protective coating. Truck mounted cleaning systems are also good for pet odor removal.
Our basic steam cleaning process includes treating spots and traffic areas. Prior to carpet cleaning, spots and traffic areas are sprayed with a mild carpet cleaning detergent to begin breaking down spots, spills, soiled areas, pet stains and traffic lanes. When carpet has been properly maintained, the protective coating should allow the spots, spills and soiled areas to slip right off during a professional cleaning. The carpet's protective coating works in a way that is similar to the way a non-stick skillet works, allowing the spots to be easily removable.
Otherwise, if the carpet is not properly maintained and the protective coating wears off, spots can penetrate down into the color dye. That can make dealing with spots and traffic areas much harder. We usually clean around larger furniture items, but we can move beds and dressers when we need too. The basic steam clean also, includes moving a sofa, a chair and a loveseat, cleaning behind them and moving them back. We put plastic under all wooden and metal legs.
Truck-mounted steam cleaning extraction systems heat their own water. That makes cleaning spots, spills, soiled areas and traffic lanes a very efficient process. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment also provides tremendous vacuum power for carpet steam cleaning. Watermarks from a flood of any type may not be considered the same thing as a normal cleaning of a spotted area. It might be treated under the guidelines of water damage restoration.
protective carpet coatings
Most carpets purchased today comes with a protective coating, such as Scotchgard or DuPont Teflon, applied to the carpet fiber surface. This protective coating acts as a sealant or a barrier between the actual carpet fiber and spots, spills and soils that wind up on the carpet. The protective coating works in a similar fashion as a non-stick skillet. Scotchguard and Dupont Teflon allows spots, spills, pets stains and traffic areas to come to a shiny clean.
The color dye on most carpets has a rigid surface on the outside with tiny holes and cracks for the spots to penetrate. Protective coatings are slick on the outside, which allows most carpet stains to slip right off the fiber surface. With a professional carpet cleaning, it all comes off. If properly maintained, the original color of the carpet can endure much longer and extend its original showroom luster lifetime.
Protective coatings can also help when vacuuming. Static electricity tends to build in the carpet. People got shocked all the time for years just from walking across the carpet in their socks and touching a metal object or even when touching someone else. It happens so much, it is just considered a natural part of life. People don't seem to get shocked that much these days. That's because protective coatings on carpet tend to eliminate static electricity because they are made of non-conductive materials. Static electricity can act like a magnet on dust particles holding them deep down in the carpet, pulling the dust down while the vacuum cleaner tries to pull the dust and dirt up.
pet protection for carpets
We certainly love our pets! However, sometimes they leave little messes behind on the carpet for us to clean up. Many times these pet problems can leave a foul odor. Cleaning the carpet for pet stains or pet odor removal can be very simple. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning extraction method comes in handy on the stubborn spots. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines heat their own water. This is a big advantage when it comes to getting out pet stains.
If the carpet is properly maintained with a quality protective coating, most pet spots should be easily removed during a professional carpet cleaning. If the carpet's protective coating has been worn off and the pet stains penetrate into the color dye, it makes it much more difficult to get a shiny clean. If the stain has already bleached the carpet, there is not much that can be done. We will do our best when cleaning carpets on every job, but there is no guarantee on any pet problem whether it's a stain or an odor.
For pet odor removal or odor control, pet sanitizers and deodorizers work well many times. Small pet problems are obviously easier to deal with than big ones. A good professional deep steam cleaning with a basic deodorizer can do the trick a lot of times on small pet stains and pet odors. When there is a substantial amount of contamination below the surface, saturating the backing of the carpet and the padding underneath the carpet, removing pet stains and removing pet odor can be much more difficult, if not impossible.
furniture moving for carpet cleaning
Our basic carpet steam cleaning, includes moving a sofa, chair or loveseat, steam cleaning behind them and moving them back. Lamps and picture frames on small furniture items like end tables will need to be moved if we are to steam clean the carpet where they normally sit. We usually steam clean traffic lanes around large furniture such as beds, desks and dressers. We can move most furniture if we need too. We want to satisfy our customers. We want to do the job the way the customer wants the job done. So, we can steam clean the carpet wall to wall when the occasion arises. We don't mind at all.
We do appreciate an advanced notice when a substantial amount of furniture needs to be moved for carpet cleaning services. Large furniture that sits flat on the floor will need to be put up on blocks to allow for proper carpet drying and plastic is placed under all wooden and metal legs. Carpet cleaners must be cautious about placing furniture back on any wet carpet. This can cause staining of the carpet when proper procedures are not taken.
When having a professional carpet cleaning performed, moving furniture like sofa sectionals with recliners can be a bit of a task. These metal frames need to be placed up on blocks. Some of the frames are sensitive to being moved. Extreme caution should be used when moving these type of frames and sometimes it's best to just not move them at all. We will take every precaution we can, but we don't take responsibility for damages from moving furniture that probably shouldn't be moved around a lot in the first place. However, most of these frames are strong and should not be a problem.
Upholstery Cleaning
The upholstery steam cleaning process is very similar to steam cleaning carpet. It just doesn't take the horsepower that it takes for the carpet cleaning extraction system. Upholstery cleaning is a delicate process. Some of the fabrics on today's furniture are extremely delicate and demand a soft touch while steam cleaning sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners or other furniture items.
Furniture cleaning requires a specialized hand tool designed to easily reach deep down into the cracks and crevices in the upholstery. This handy little tool makes steam cleaning around the edges of pillows and cushions a breeze. If the color has faded a bit over time, once the furniture has been professionally steam cleaned, a color brightener can be applied to bring back that original showroom luster it once had. A protective coating can be applied to extend the life of the fabrics brilliant colors and backgrounds.
Using the proper upholstery cleaning equipment will ensure not only a shiny clean, but it will also only leave the furniture damp and not soaking wet. After a professional furniture cleaning, the items that were cleaned should dry in just a few hours. Turning on ceiling fans to increase air circulation will promote faster drying after steam cleaning the upholstery.

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